Welcome to Adroit Accessories

Originally founded in 1959, Adroit Accessories ltd. has developed a complete and unique understanding of the highest manufacturing standards in the simple every day products we all use within consumable ranges. Originally we designed and built large press tools for manufacturers within the automotive and allied trades, our speciality was the design and building of precision press tools; we were soon approached by our customers to manufacture the actual components these tools were designed to produce.

50 years on and Adroit Accessories Ltd has diversified and increased our ranges to meet our customer needs and requirements in an effort to be a single source supplier and stock management specialist.

The company is a recognised ISO 9001/2008 quality supplier and we continue to strive for improvement in our everyday operations and processes, which, in turn can only be good news for our client portfolio.

Just a selection of our products...

  • Red Pre-Insulated Terminals - 50 Blister Pack Red_Pre_Insulate_4f0eddb1d2dc0.jpg
  • 100 Series Square and Combination Lamps 100_Series_Squar_4e89de8eec686.jpg
  • Switches (Door Courtesy, Window/Aerial) Switches__Door_C_4f0abfbc039bb.jpg
  • Strip and Crimp Tool Strip_and_Crimp__4f202fde21031.jpg
  • Metric "O" Rings Metric__O__Rings_4f17fe87f409d.jpg